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House of Fatam

House of Fatam

The name Fatam is Fatma's nickname which she only goes by. She is the initial founder of the brand.

House of Fatam is a contemporary Emirati label based out of Dubai. It is the epitome of effortless ethereal fashion celebrated through their love of prints and unique hand embroidery.


Each collection has a backdrop story and is inspired by various elements ranging from fairy tales to their home city of Dubai. The beauty of every beautifully crafted design is reflected through intricate hand embroidered embellishments to unique prints.

Style cannot be defined with price. Style comes naturally and is a true derivative of one’s personality. Explore your individuality, love it and plant your fashion seed in the world and watch it grow and evolve with time.


The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

The HOF brand is introduced by three sisters, Lamya, Shaima, and Fatma, imbuing their own individual styles and fashion flairs.


Each of the three sisters come from different professional backgrounds: Lamya is an artist and photographer; Shaima is an economic researcher; and the youngest, Fatma, is a unique fusion of fashion and psychology.


With the creative ideas fused together, a celebration of beauty, vibrancy and colour is developed in a chic and elegant fashion line.